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I’ve been spending weeks thinking of the perfect story to start off my new blog, however a tragedy occurred that gave me the inspiration to write from my heart. I am dedicating my first post to Eron David Wrublick and his family. This is the perspective of your son, brother, cousin, nephew and grandson from a complete stranger. I hope after reading this, each one of you know you had a hand in raising an amazingly talented, compassionate and a trust worthy person. Because of you, he has forever changed my life. The values you instilled in him, he passed on to others. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet someone like Eron who taught me to value the things I often take for granted. Thank you for raising this wonderful person. Thank you.

I met Eron when I randomly joined a softball team. He was extremely confident in his softball skills and my first thought was “Not another one of these guys who thinks he’s pro.” I had been on so many teams where the guys would talk themselves up and then play horribly on the field. I was waiting for him to mess up so I could bust his chops, but he never did. He was an amazing player. Which of course drove me crazy; I wanted to call him out. Even when he took a ball to the face and busted his eyebrow open he continued to play through the game like a champ.

We needed an extra player on my football team and Eron was more than eager to join. As you know he didn’t like driving very often so I drove him to the games every week. On our way to the games he’d mention how he was going to catch 2 interceptions this game, and I couldn’t wait to call him out when he didn’t have one, but he never failed. He caught 2 interceptions that game and the following….and the following…

On those drives to the fields we talked about everything from what we had for lunch, to our recent love interests. They were conversations about everything and nothing. Most days when I picked him up I’d be frustrated with traffic or something that happened at work and he would always find a way to make me laugh, and talk me down from my horrid mood.

It’s something I didn’t realize till recently, but that car ride to the fields meant a lot to me. He not only helped me through my horrible mood that day, but also helped guide me to a few life changing decisions. I had hit a rough patch in my life, feeling abandoned and lost. He helped guide me; he gave me the strength I needed to take the first step in the right direction. And that 20 minute car ride was all it took.

Sometimes we get so caught up with how busy we are that we rely on technology to convey our sentiments. We think “I’ll send a quick text to see if this person is ok and then I’ll get back to what I was doing.” But can a ‘LOL’ replace the sound of a loved one’s laugh? Can a facebook post substitute for a much needed hug?

We take for granted the much needed face time with people. Those 20 minute car rides healed my soul and helped me to become a better person. I will cherish that care ride forever.
I want to pass on Eron’s lesson to everyone else. Treat every interaction like it will be your last, don’t take for granted the small exchanges with the person in the coffee shop or the passerby at work. You could change someone’s life, much like Eron did for me.



  • Inglan

    This is great Amanda. I didn’t know Eron but this piece is a great tribute to a friend, and you’ve inspired me to write a long overdue letter to the mother of a friend I lost several years ago. Good luck with the blog and thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  • jodi wrublik

    Thank you for sharing your feelings about Eron, and his impact his friendship had on you. As parents, his mom, dad and I are so proud of the man he grew to be, and are so thrilled he had a family in Austin, when his blood family was so far away.

  • Mickey

    Awesome advice. He sounds much like his father, someone I truly admire and helped me in some of the same ways. The apple and the tree. Great to see the impact, !

  • Karen Wrublik

    thank you so much for writing this…it means a lot and reminds me of the impact we can have on someone’s life, even if it is a brief interaction with someone. Eron seemed to have a gift to do that.

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