Adventures in Thailand

I love traveling and trying new things.  So when Judith and I traveled to Thailand we vowed to ‘do as the locals do’ and try all new things!

I have many stories about the Thailand ping pong shows and crazy Singapore laws, however this one will always be my favorite.

Our first day in Phuket we ordered one of everything from a local food cart, with our beer in one hand and a variety of unknown meats in the other we satiated our adventurous taste buds.

The following day we went on a crowded speedboat to the Phi Phi Islands (known from the movie’s The Beach and Jurassic Park).  We were going to spend the entire day lounging around on the beautiful beach and meeting some hunky tourists.  I scoped out all the attractive men on this obviously over capacity boat and pin pointed the ones I planned on flirting with.  What actually happened is a completely different story.

About 20 minutes in the ride to the islands, I started feeling ill.  I’ve never been sea sick before so I quickly ruled that out as an option but couldn’t figure out what made me feel so horrible.  I’m suddenly very conscious that we are packed like sardines on this tiny boat. I gave Judith this panicked look and she tried calming me down but I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I grabbed a bag and started vomiting furiously into it for the next 5 minutes.  Not only did the entire boat witness this traumatic event, but the way I held the bag somehow created a funnel so the vomit made this perfect arc directly into the bucket containing our snorkeling gear.  My vomit also landed on the attractive man who was originally sitting next me, however after the spewage there was a 5-foot space between me and everyone else on the boat.  I was mortified.

The boat took us through the breathtakingly beautiful islands and eventually docked at the restaurant where we were going to eat lunch.  I ran off the boat and had another purging spree in an area I thought was vacant.  Turns out I was at the beach side entrance to the restaurant where everyone was attempting to enter.

The rest of the day followed suit and I eventually became desensitized to spewing on or near strangers.  Both Judith and I were sick for the remainder of our trip.

Even though I was mortified and extremely ill, I have no regrets.  I had a blast in Thailand and Singapore and would definitely go back!  Although I might be a little more cautious of the food carts next time.



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