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Born in Austin and raised in Pflugerville, I’m a lifelong Texan who doesn’t mind letting the wind guide my journey through life.  Like many others, I’ve had my fair share of hardships, and have always prevailed.  From each hardship I’ve learned valuable lessons like, don’t play with scorpions, ice is slippery and if you love someone tell them, it may be the last time you see them.  Through each lesson I wondered; is this normal, am I weird, are other people going through the same issues, what’s the appropriate reaction to this situation?  The answers are; probably not, most likely (but that’s a good thing), yes they are and what ever feels right at that time.  So after several bottles of wine and multiple friends forcing the wind to guide me down this path, I (they) decided I should start a blog so others know they’re not alone.

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